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“Everyone needs two things: a band and a magazine.”

I say that now, but I've tried to live it. Below is a list of bands I have been in and any ephemera that I've accumulated along the way. Some bands were so short lived that there wasn't much beyond a name and a roster. Spatulas Through Tape-Ups were all based in Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks-a-Million through Misery Love Co. were based in Chicago. Dead Gwynne is from New York City. I will add to this as I find stuff, so far I am up thru the JR. CHemists.

Phoenix Punk scene

Some general pictures of the Phoenix Punk scene, early eighties.

  Brendan deVallance  

The Spatulas

We never made it out of my bedroom but we wrote and recorded some songs. We all attended Camelback High in Phoenix, Arizona. This happened in 1977 or there abouts.
The instrumentation varied but I had an accoustic guitar and a drumset. There may have been a ukulele involved also.

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The Spatulas: Brendan deVallance, Becca Lange, Terry Morgenstern, Bruce Tribbensee


Swiss Family Sublime

The Swiss Family Sublime which was comprised of myself, Adam Burke, Mark Cook and Bruce Tribennsee. This was a real kick start to the rest of the bands I was in and I owe a debt to Mark and Adam for their energy and friendship.

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Thuh Advo-Cats

In 1979 I was ambling thru the desert backwoods looking for the direction up. Ramones said hello and I found myself with desires beyond my bedroom stage. I was in league with Adam, Mark and Bruce in pursuit of Rock and Roll pointing north. We actually rehearsed in a garage in the early days and eventually all move in together in a house we called Casa Del Sublime. Everything in Arizona is called Casa Del something. As we toiled away on our Rock and Roll it became painfully obvious that we were two headed and going in different directions. Bruce and I decided to go it alone. We formed thuh Advo-Cats in the living room of that house and commenced to writin' songs. We decided that we played a form of music called Pop-no-vat. We got our band listed in the New Times Weekly band directory. And we soon began getting calls and doing shows. Our entire band and equiptment fit snugly into Bruces Toyota. Bruce played drums, I played bass and sang. I used a thick leather glove on my left hand for effect and off we headed into the annuls of “I don’t remember”.

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Thuh Advo-Cats: Bruce Tribbensee = Drums (Bruce Maintenance)
Brendan deVallance = Vocals and Bass (Vic Bowler)


Jr. CHemists

I met Dawn in Art Studio Class at Arizona State University in 1979. Ron Gasowski taught the class and he had a big influence on us. Dawn was a very ambitious girl with a lot of energy. I met Mike through Dawn and we were all hanging out and discovering the Punk Rock scene of Phoenix together.

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Formed on September 13, 1980, ended in 1981.
JR. CHemists: Michael Cornelius, Brendan deVallance, Dawn Kelly

JR. CHemists  

The Tape-Ups

Becca, Bruce and I were all fast pals in High School. I met Bruce in the 7th Grade and we were tight ever since. Becca and I met in Band at High School, she played the Flute and I played the Tuba. Becca had gone off to college at Santa Cruz, CA. After a semester or two she came back to Phoenix for a spell and I had a great idea that we should start a band together.

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Formed in 1980, ended in 1981.
Tape-Ups: Brendan deVallance, Becca Lange, Bruce Tribbensee



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Began and ended in 1982
anks-A-Million: Mark Canfield, Brendan deVallance, Nancy Martell


The Undealt

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From 1983-1984
e Undealt: Kim Bissy, Matthew Buckingham, Brendan deVallance



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Formed in 1985, ended in 1988.
Matthew Buckingham, Brendan deVallance


The Misery Love Co.

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Formed in 1990, ended in 1991.
Misery Love Co.
: Brendan deVallance, Debi Winston


Dead Gwynne

Dead Gwynne: Brendan deVallance, Carl Lorentzen


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Meat Puppets


Collector Scum

Arizona Punk Rock Flyers

Chris Holiman (Les Seldoms)

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