Art School Band! Warning!
Mark and Nancy and I were all friends in Art school in Chicago and at some point it was decided that we should start a band together. I remember it being a very 'performance art' type endevour. I dont think we ever recorded anything, not even in practice sessions but I do have some incredible notes.
—Brendan deVallance

An early band name choice was the Friendly 3.

Formed in 1982, ended in 1982.
Thanks-A-Million: Mark Canfield, Brendan deVallance, Nancy Martell

  Photographs and notes
  The Friendly Three
  Shows and other dates

Red Wedge Benefit August 6th, 1982
I'm sure we played at the Noise Factory once as well, but I am not sure of the date.

  Music   (warning: this music may not be suitable for listining by anyone, very lo-fi)
   Song 1   I found some practice tapes with some instrumental
  versions of our songs.
   Song 2    
   Song 3    
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