Mark Canfield




  Mostly from this band all I have are the notes. I don't think there is any audio or video recordings of our performance but as you can tell from these notes we were writing some great songs.   Songs:
A Fun Song
Elxon Joxn
I could Have Screamed
Not Like a Bell
Death of Syn
Mein Holiday
R. Agan
    6 Outlets
I enter and turn on all the equiptment. The drummer and lightist take there places.As a conductor I make the motions to begin (perhaps the house lights are first dimmed). I turn on the tape recorder and the other 2 begin to make there appointed noises and unions. At a point some where in the middle of the performance Nancy enters the 'stage' and picks up the mic. We all stop (Jim leaves on the light). She reads the specified poem. We all begin at a point through her reading and drown her out: After she is finished she leaves. The music tape finally ends and the music is over, we all come to a stop. Then on the tape there is Nancy and I talking and I ask her about what she read, it fades out.
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