The Spatulas  
  I'm not sure why we did it and I'm not sure how we did it, but I know we did it 'cause of these songs I have on tape. We were definitely sitting around my bedroom with a guitar, a uke and a drum set, but the drums don't seem to figure into the mix too much. And I don't remember who played what, although Bruce recalls Terry playing the door stop on one song. There is also a 'lost' track called the "Santa Cruz Blues" about Becca and Terry going off to school. That ended the band for sure.

Formed in 1977, ended in 1978 (my best guess).
The Spatulas: Brendan deVallance, Becca Lange, Terry Morgenstern, Bruce Tribbensee

  Becca, September 14, 1979  
Music   (warning: this music may not be suitable for listining by anyone, very lo-fi)
   Vacuum Cleaners in Space   All songs written by
  Brendan deVallance, Becca Lange,
  Terry Morganstern, and
  Bruce Tribbensee
   Million Dollar Baby
   Going to the Movies  
   Dear Alice  
   Spatula City  
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