The Undealt  

Art School Band! Warning!
Matthew and I had this idea to start a band that did not follow any typical band trappings. Matthew was sort of the vocalist, but he did not sing. I was to make music but I can't play the guitar. Some how we hooked up with Kim Bissy (Who now goes by Jesse Keeler) who played the saxophone. We were always very visual, and not so musical. But we played and made some good music anyway.
—Brendan deVallance

Formed in 1983, ended in 1984.
The Undealt: Kim Bissy, Matthew Buckingham, Brendan deVallance

  Photographs and . . . (to come)
  Shows and other dates

Smart Bar, a Carpet Stain Show, Chicago, Illinois , August 24, 1983
Noise Factory, Big Deal Show, 1019 W. Lake, Chicago, Illinois, July 23, 1983
Randolph Street Gallery, Outdoor Installation Show, Chicago, Illinois, July 2, 1983
Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, June 24, 1983
"Big Toast", Greg Green’s, 1536 W. Diversey, Chicago, Illinois, May 13, 1983
"Texas Revisited", Noise Factory, Chicago, Illinois, April 15, 1983
"Let's Talk", Noise Factory, a Carpet Stain Show, Chicago, Illinois, March 25, 1983

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