The Misery Love Co.  
  I heard about the first Battle of the Bad Bands from Robert Daulton, "You better get in on this Brendan". No one had any idea how bad it could get, how low music could sink, how painful a sound that could be made. But I did. I knew. I had a vision and asked Debi Winston, who I knew played percussion, to play drums. We didnt have a lot of time so we started rehearsing and writing songs right away. At that point I had been playing guitar for over 12 years, yet still I didn't know any chords and our equipment was rank. It was hard to know what to expect from the other artists on the bill but there really was no question as to who was the worst. Most bands were playing down there abilities, we were playing the best we could, and you just can't fake that. —Brendan deVallance

The Misery Love Co. formed in 1990, ended in 1991
Brrendan deVallance = Vocals and guitar
Debi Winston = Drums and vocals

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Band formed 1990
Lower Links, Battle of the Bad Bands, January 25th, 1990
Lower Links, Battle of the Bad Bands, August 23rd, 1990
Band ended in 1991



Link to Jan 25th
Lower Links Show

  Music   (warning: this music may not be suitable for listining by anyone, very lo-fi)
   Stupid I go   All songs written by
  Brendan deVallance and
  Debi Winston (except where noted)
   Shotguns and Paperweights
   What's Our Crime  
   Johnny Drops his Pistol  
   If my Brain Could Take it all in  
   Ticket to Ride   Written by McCartney, Lennon
   Take Away  
   My Heart  
   What is the World you live in Made Of  
   Berlin on the Plains   Written by Get Smart!
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