The current Dead Gwynne
song count is: 158
(154 originals and 4 covers)



Welcome to Dead Gwynne. Five buttons and the truth.
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If you like Toad the Wet Sprocket, Neil Finn, Del Amitri, Vertical Horizon, The Connells or R.E.M. -- then you'll probably hate Dead Gwynne. Compared to them we sound like shit. But then why do we exist? We exist in a universe of our own making, a universe filled with our own brand of crap-ass rock and roll. The music labels these days don't seem to reflect what the music sounds like. Independent my fender, alternative to the alternatives...We’re not sure where we fit in to the scheme. But we are writing songs and recording them lo-fi style in the basement studio and enclosed is the result. It's mostly just pop music, post punk in its way, primitive in parts, loud and complicated in others. We are writing songs about the usual stuff, to us that means cars, rocks, and cat publishing. Okay, not the usual stuff, but perhaps worth a listen.

      New record: 1,000 Years Of Sadness. Now available.
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Also available: 1997’s Die Unbreakable.
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