They don’t rehearse.
They write songs.
They don’t stop.
They write songs. Phlegm de Ville and Kiki Beware started making music together at the end of 1994 and it's all been downhill since then. In the intervening 5 years they’ve written and recorded some 140 songs under the moniker of Dead Gwynne, as well as a good handful on their own. Surprisingly, even their friends seem not to have heard of them...

Pllegm de Ville wrote a song for everyone, well it seemed like a good idea. Phlegm Deville writes it down in books and music. This is the way it sounds. Computer nerd and artist, half sane half mad. The place to be is on the top of the heap, with music. Plainstanding after countless bands scattered across the country, USA. Works hard at pronouncing the words and pluckin at strings left devoid of plain places. Guitar player? I guess so. Music that goes like this. . .

Kiki Beware likes to think of himself as often as possible. He puts his stamp of approval on Dead Gwynne as it lets out his more spontaneous side. When not feeling spontaneous, he likes to listen to and play the blues (mostly on bass). In the future he hopes to start a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan site.


      New record: 1,000 Years Of Sadness. Now available. Click Sounds to hear songs. Click order to buy. Also available: 1997’s Die Unbreakable. Click Earlier for more info and songs.