This is Dead Gwynne's 1997 release, Die Unbreakable. It contains 17 songs, many of which will change your life. To buy a copy, click on the “order” button above. To not buy a copy, just stay right where you are. Demo Universe said: “Working the corner of Neil Young and Kraftwerk, near the intersection of Bowie and Ramone, the preposterously named Phlegm DeVille and Kiki Beware make music that’s at once scruffy, strange and strict -- like Talking Heads '77 getting drunk with Bob Stinson. The relentless drum machine and crude recording will be off-putting to some -- OK, many -- but they'll miss out on the lo-fi fun of tunes like “My Band Doesn’t Make A Sound,” “That’s My Chemical” and “Making It For Monkeys.” Poo on them!

Die Unbreakable
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