Thuh Advo-Cats  
  In 1980 I was ambling thru the desert backwoods looking for the direction up. Ramones said hello and I found myself with desires beyond my bedroom stage. I was in league with Adam, Mark and Bruce in pursuit of Rock and Roll pointing north. We actually rehearsed in a garage in the early days and eventually all move in together in a house we called Casa Del Sublime. Everything in Arizona is called Casa Del something. As we toiled away on our Rock and Roll it became painfully obvious that we were two headed and going in different directions. Bruce and I decided to go it alone. We formed thuh Advo-Cats in the living room of that house and commenced to writin' songs. We decided that we played a form of music called Pop-no-vat. We got our band listed in the New Times Weekly band directory. And we soon began getting calls and doing shows. Our intire band and equiptment fit snugly into Bruces Toyota. Bruce played drums, I played bass and sang. I used a thick leather glove on my left hand for effect and off we headed in to the annuls of “I don’t remember”.

Gigs I remember: Zia records anniversary party, Retarded adults at South Mountain Picnic, Hate House a few times, I don’t think we ever got paid, but I could be wrong.
—Brendan deVallance

Thuh Advo-Cats formed in 1980, ended in 1981
Bruce Tribbensee = Drums (Bruce Maintenance)
Brendan deVallance = Vocals and Bass (Vic Bowler)

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  Shows and other dates

Band born on April 29th, 1980
Hate House, October 18th, 1980 with JR. CHemist, Deez
Hate House, November 14th, 1980 with JR. CHemist, Deez, Prefix
Hate House, December 19th, 1980 with JR. CHemist, Meat Puppets
Last show: ZIA records, April 10th, 1981

  Music   (warning: this music may not be suitable for listining by anyone, very lo-fi)
   Adams World   All songs written by
  Brendan deVallance and
  Bruce Tribbensee
   One Note
   Bad Classical Music  
   Children of Remorse  
   Eight Notes  
   The Garbage Who Talked  
   The Garbage Who Talked- demo  
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