Karma Toast

Which way out or Which way up? A mouth full of flavor at every turn. I need some one to Eat this for me, may I have a volunteer? I'd eat it myself but I’m fasting, slowly, fasting, slowly fasting away to nothing. In my book beer counts as a vegetable as long as it comes in a green bottle, just like with ketchup or pumpkin. So here’s some beer to wash it down with. Make yourself a little miserable I say. Like Like a tuna sandwich on toast in the sun.

I wanted to just scrape along tonight on my laurels like a dry biscuit of love on a two way street but the music let me down and the atrophy of science was too much for me. Have you ever done a secret so bad that your brain does a rewire job for daily existence? No sound or evidence. No weak lipped response to the winds of change or the wars unfought. I see a battle being fought and the sounds of the dying are like television snow falling on the video ground of deaf ears in the night.

The dreams of to few at expence of the many. It’s the bargain basement tonight of dreams untold. And with this one you get change back from your twenty. “Eat your vegetables,” they told us but that of course was after the sun had gone down.

from The hole in my tv set where the picture should be by Brendan deVallance, Club Lower Links, 5-16-91