What scrapes along so heavenly
what tears into my soul
Here's the rejection notice of civilization: To whom it may concern. . . We get the culture we deserve, but since we deserve none were stuck with this. The lapse into history is a price we all must pay. But who keeps track of the histories of history. In 1965 they believed that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree. Lonely are the brave in the home of the free, and the price to pay determined to high. A salesman comes to my door and the dreams of thousands eat holes in my polyester suit. What good is the wood in my furniture, I thought it made a much better Rain forest. Go boycott your own gawd damn rain forest, I’m in charge here the world just dosent realize it yet.
I eat a meal in one breath and my eyes cant believe what they are seeing. It's a relationship that goes both ways-my eyes must agree to show my brain exactly what it is they see, my brain, on the other hand, must agree to accept it. Fucking up on the left side of my brain. That’s the traditional side that takes care of all the screw-ups & downs and ins and outs. And my relatives realize that my half-a- is not just a phase I’m going through, but then every thing is relative, it could just be a long phase. And life just could be a phase were all going though, I’m sure we’ll get over it some day. So drink & drive and do us all a favor, lets take as many with us as possible. Here’s one for my baby, and here’s one for the hole in the ozone layer and here's one for the reasonable conclusion that we are alone in the universe and here's one for the road.

from The Taste of Yet to Come by Brendan deVallance, Club Lower Links, Really Fake Show 5-9-91