Hello and welcome, there are bands. Some are heard of, some are invisible, barely audible. When I started in art school back in the early 80's I was surrounded by very talented artists. Some of this creative effort came forth in the form of music. Below are some links to bands that time forgot while others found their place in the pantheon.

  Under the Hairy Sun  

Folks On Fire

from the great city of bats (but not goths). Old art school pal Steve Jones contributes this to the cannon of fine sounds.

Under the Hairy Sun


Back in 1989 I brought my video camera along to the record release event at Reckless Records in Chicago for two bands who I knew well: Perma-Buzz and the Watchmen.

Here are links to those sets.


The Watchmen:





Perma-Buzz was a fantastic band with all kinds of old friends I knew well. Here is a digitized version of there cassette "Big Deal".

Onward to sounds


The Mellow Freaking Woodies were the real deal. Started by Sharon Mesmer and her team of miscreants back in the early 90's in NYC.

Mellow sounds


Get Smart! was and still is a super fine musical enterprise. They just had a few reunion shows. Check out the fan page I made a few years back when the internet was still just saying Hi.

Swimming with and without

The latest:

Get Smart Music




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