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Get Smart! Now that was some good music. Started out while attending the University of Kansas at Lawrence. They moved to Chicago in the early 80's. I became friends with them and saw them perform live at least 100 times. Below is a sampling of posters and records from my collection. The plan is to fill it out as we go with all the important details.
–Brendan deVallance

Marc Koch: Guitar and lead vocals
Frank Loose: Drums and vocals
Lisa Wertman Crowe: Bass gutar and vocals

Bob Lara - guitar (1987-1990)
Ric Menck - drums (1988)
Jay Sebastian - drums (1988-1989)



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Get Smart! at Harpers Weekly, Chicago

June 1, 1985


Get Smart! at the West End, Chicago

December 7, 1985



Get Smart! at the Metro, Chicago

February 15, 1986


Get Smart! at Gaspars, Chicago

August 15, 1986



Get Smart! at Gaspars, Chicago

March 29, 1986



Get Smart! at the Metro, Chicago

November 12, 1986



Get Smart! at the Caberet Metro, Chicago

February 4, 1987


Get Smart! at Club Stodola, Chicago

February 28, 1987



Get Smart! at the Cubby Bear, Chicago

May 30, 1987



Get Smart! at the Cubby Bear, Chicago

March 31, 1988



Get Smart! at the
Cubby Bear, Chicago

September 25, 1988


Set Smart! at the Vic, Chicago

July 10, year unknown


Get Smart! at Lounge Ax Chicago

March 17, 1989


Get Smart! at the Cubby Bear, Chicago

August 26, 1989


Get Smart! at Batteries Not Included, Chicago

October 14, 1989





Get Smart!
"Action Reaction"

released: 1984, on Fever Records


Get Smart!
"Swimming with Sharks"

released: 1986, on Fever Records


Fresh Sounds Cassette compilation



Get Smart!
"Words Move"

released: 1981


Get Smart!
This is a Fledi-disc

released: 1981


See Who's Laughing

Gold to Rust

Every Road you go Down

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Warning: These songs were turned from the original vinyl copies in my rag-tag collection into MP3s using the most primitive means possible. There is no way that these sound as good as the original versions. Get a turntable for christsake!




The music that was on American radio and in the public consciousness in the late 70s and early 80s just wasn't what was in our heads. We were too nervous, too excited and too creative to let Foreigner and Journey be our musical wallpaper. I didn't know what David Byrne was going on about in "Psycho Killer", but I knew that it was exactly what I wanted to hear. The handful of American (and scores of British) acts that were taking chances at the time were what we lived for. And we were determined to further the cause and fill the air with something exciting. Also, going to college in the middle of Kansas had a way of making you want to do the musical equivalent of farting in church.

–Lisa Wertman Crowe


This is the story of how it came to be.

  What happened when.      

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