Video Tapes in the collection of John Liebrand performing.

Found this:

Proving the Existence of God
Audio as Pamphlet
Balloon Popping
Led Zep III, 6-17-89
Drunk Driving and Cake
Visiting Artist John Liebrand, 3-24-88
Silent Theses
Tough Questions Answered, Spring 1988 60 Seconds
6 Gratuitous Acts in 60 seconds x3
John if your Art doesn’t reflect the
status quo you can forget about it
Trying to give back God in peg space
w/ chocolate after dinner mints
and strobe
Pathetic recurring neurotic dream
of buying stamps
Perf for Babies, 11-21-89
Do the Right Thing/Fight the Power, 11-7-89
Rising Up Angry at Lower Links, 3-13-92
Best X-Mas I Ever Had, 1988
Exhibition Dream, Ground Rules
for living out my Dreams
Linda Montano Live Burial
It's OK to say no
What do You want?, 1987
Give em Enough Rope
Don't Do it Floyd!, 11-13-89
What do You Want
Transcendent/Throwing up in Public, 4-89
Madison, Wisconsin
Rope Trick-One of Us Has to Die.
Hit Me on the Head or I won't Stop
Save the Children, Lower Links, 11-21-89
Trying in Vain to get People Excited
Neurotic Rambling Conversation
w/ Baby in Jarembas
MFA Thesis, June 1988
Perfect Life, 2-5-88
Reading Maslow Quote on Boredom
Recurring Dream of Being in Post
Office waiting in line to by stamps, 2-19-88
Trying to get back the Pleasures of
Mortality (God easy Death,
Aspirin w/ rose, mints, . . .
Trying to be as interesting as possible
without making art
MFA Thesis Panel Review
Linda Montano Sucks (20 mins)
Rising up angry w/ Show Trial, 3-13-92 Lower Links
Werner perf class perfs, Fall 87