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John Leibrand performs live
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Who ate the dinner that John Liebrand served? I did, I think, if I understand the question correctly. John Liebrand was a very good artist. Lived a large element of difficulty and exploded it on the stage. I collaborated with him a couple of times and saw him perform many more. John came from Oklahoma and went to undergraduate school in Lawrence, Kansas (He went to the University of Kansas). It is believed that he majored in Art. I met him in Chicago where he moved to attend graduate school in Performance Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. On March 2, 1995 he took his own life in a what seems to be a scenario he played out in his work many times. Proving or disproving the existence of god. I have most of what he left behind in terms of art and it is my objective to put up on this site as much as I can. If you knew John and want to contribute any writing please email it to me at the address below. I am also interested in any artwork out there that John may have created. As well as a performance artist he was a great painter. I plan to put up scans of his paintings and other work as this site progresses.

Brendan deVallance

WARNING “pictures and items” and “piece of art” contain fairly large art files and may take a bit to download.

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