Set list from show unknown.

Subterranean Records 45 with the JR. CHemists and the Les Seldoms
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Buliding a Fort, Spooky Cooties and Bizzy Worms

  On the way thru Phoenix, Johnny Glenn and his band (David Herbert ?), Prefix, played a gig at Hate House. They were on there way to San Francisco, relocating from Tucson. Guitar, Bass and drum machine. This was very radical in 1980, and they had an impressive sound. Johnny had the idea to put out the Arizona Disease record and he set it all up thru Subterainan records. Dawn, Mike, Bruce and I drove to LA from Phoenix in Dawns truck and Bruces Toyota. Then drove to San Francisco where we recorded the songs for this 45. Bruce and I also recorded the Garbage Who Talked, Advo-Cats tune, but that never came out on anything. I think we also recorded Monster Island at the session.

Fiesta Apartments1981


Vita Dance


1981, last show


Greil Marcus cannot be wrong!

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