My Math

My math is not what it used to be. As the problems got more complex my hands remained at five fingers each. I guess I'll have to make due. The creation of traffic problems is my most favorite attribute of humanity. Like a watered down drink at the bar of life I order a sandwich, but what comes? Oh I got what I ordered. Money well spent on a world well worth it. When I see the problems rise higher than any possible solution it comforts me to think of the deficit. Especially in this election year. Just imagine all of that negative cash that must be written down in some enormous ledger in Washington. I have a great idea for complete deficit remedy. Make it a crime-A felony-for the President of the United States not to lower the deficit by at least as much as they’ve made as president. Then if they don’t they can pardon themselves. Everybody wins. As time goes on simple math points the way to solve histories problems. Do we lose sleep over the lost Ottoman Empire? That the Turks no longer rule? Do we cry when we think of missing Egyptian knowledge? I’ve got keys in drawers at home that I have no idea what they go to. But I can’t seem to throw them out. Time is not unlike history. And a clock is not unlike both. And what the end of time will look like? My Version:

from Crashland Alma College, Alma, Michigan by Brendan deVallance,