Eternal Strife

Ladies and Gentlemen
We have started our engines, cranked up and targeted
O.K. . . . Sure. . . A few smacks upside the head, give or take,
But as scientists, Whose counting.
Only five fingers per hand. How many fingers per fist?
Pugelists Undaunted and crap skills shoot first ask ?s later. We ready ourselves ultimately, But the timelessness of our plight becomes so sugary and so desolate.
Desolution, Restitution clouds inside your head. . .
On your mark, get set, Go.

The Crowd narrows as Brendan-the Icemaker-deVallance
careens into the ring Cracking, Killing, and thumping-
Distrained in the fine arts. Metal yet shuttled.
At the sound of the bell we have mayhem. . . and slaughter.
They say “No restroom for the Wicked”
Brendan never sleeps.
They Say “Synisism breeds Sanctuary”
Brendans got a spare room in the back. Come over if you need a place to stay.
Walls become angry as the science of his own head causes it to ache and shimmer.
The walls between the states.
The one-two punch.
Shadow boxes as X-Mas gifts.
Cranium soup-fest with water on the Knee
Glass ribs. No Windex.
We relish in it. It releshes in us. My Conscience asks Questions Hard and Involving.
My Stomach Spues guts and you look Hard to the Gawd Damn Out Come.
How many of you have placed bets tonight?
How many of you are willing to now that we've come this far?
Here I'll cover that Bet.
The door is open but Its my Brain that hurts. My watch is on time but its me thats always late. Here take that and that here take that.
Screams fill the auto-torium. Dreams fill my every whim.
I've Got to Know we've go to Know.
It Can't Be It. . . . It Could Be . . . .
BLISTERING yet so silent.
The Giants are imposing and wondering. The Small frys are electric and so Deregable.
I go crazy like almost sedentary. I dont need TV when I got T-Rex.
The Future You Ask?
Wait a minute he's down He’s going Down.
He's Losing it He's losing it .
UNBELIEvable.Compleatly and Dirty. lousy so Lousy. Oh what a louse.
But Deservedly so. and let us count the ways
and let us count the ways . . . .

from Eternal Strife by Brendan deVallance, performed at Millys Orchid Show, Chicago 12-21-89