Gorgeous Hammer

Fire and Evil rain down like leaves of a tree. And science takes a backseat to faith and conscience. The void in my heart is filled with the sweat from my brow. Magic is a joke and wonder a detriment The empty version of eternity is swallowed by own bad vibes, and with my own minimalist view of reality takes on a form of its own. That form is manifested in the shape of a Human. And although it is not possible to evoke that being here tonight, I do have this mask, which when worn by a volunteer from the audience, will fulfill the same purpose. I dare (and beg) someone from the audience to join me on tambourine as this form as I give a song of regret and hopefulness. Empty promises are a dime a dozen. This piece comes to you not as a pipefitters dream but as a warning. It is not made up. it is concrete and finite and as verification I can produce references here in this room tonight apon request. And now the song:

from Gorgeous Hammer by Brendan deVallance, performed at Club Lower Links, The Cide Show, Chicago 8-17-91