Scraping Chunks from the Roof of My Skull

This magazine: "Scraping Chunks from the Roof of My Skull". A Magazine in trading
card format. Each issue comes with 9 cards to a pack. Most sets contains one
handmade card (see smattering below). Click on the Covers below, dive into the . . . .

Issue 5 is different. Folded and not cut. Knife hand tired.

A smattering of collages

If you would like to receive the actual cards in the actual mail please send $5 US or some comparable item to:
   Brendan deVallance
   129 Ogden Ave.
   Jersey City, NJ 07307

Issue No. 10


Issue No. 9


Issue No. 8

Issue No. 7

Issue No. 6

Issue No. 5

Issue No. 4

Issue No. 3

Issue No. 2

Issue No. 1

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