Did I hear a sound in the night? I did and it was the Mellow Freakin Woodies. This was a fantastic band playing some gigs around the Lower East Side in various venues of ill repute (no doubt) in the early 90’s. My recollection was of how absolutely perfect they were, however, the details escape me. Searching for actual proof I came across the cassette chronicled below from 1992. Three songs of pure heaven digitized in the popular Mp3 format linked below. This is 100% done without any permission what so ever by the artists in question, Sharon Mesmer and Lawrence Fishberg. But if this was all they did for humanity and then stopped it was enough. Also, fan club requests should not be sent to the address below. They will assuredly go unanswered. —Brendan deVallance


Church of Mad Love


How Come I’m Not Famous Yet?


Nun of the Above