Dead Gwynne Holiday Tunes  

Dear Holiday Rock and Roll enthusiast, below you will find our latest Christmas
song as well as a trove of selections from Christmas past.
Rock the Christmas season. 28 years and still rolling at 32 songs.

Merry Christmas Everyone!
—Brendan and Carl

  Under Christmas Skies 2023 Christmas by the Light of the Moon 2009  
Drum Story 2022 Best Christmas of All 2009  
Santa Tell Me How Does it Go? 2021 Come Down Santa 2008  
Christmas is My Blue Sky Rain 2020 One More Week to Christmas 2007  
Now That Was a Day 2019 Rooftop Soliloquy 2006  
Bells Ring 2018 Santa’s Knee 2005  
This New Year's Day 2017 Snow Is Falling 2004  
Red and Green 2017 Fell For Christmas 2003  
Christmas Flow 2016 The Holidays Are Here 2002  
Christmas Time 2016 Christmas Kit 2001  
Christmas From Above 2015 Christmas Tree 2001  
Supernova Star 2014 Christmas Thing 1999  
Christmas Song Just Like This 2013 Christmas Outta My Face 1998  
Lost Days of Christmas 2012 Christmas Spell 1997  
Christmas Whisper 2011 Song of Christmas 1996  
Christmas Chill 2010 Earthling Christmas 1995  

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