Segue Deluge

by Brendan deVallance

Seven Second Delay
(WFMU Radio Show)
UCB Theater

307 W. 26th St
New York, NY
September 29th, 2010


This piece was performed at a show broadcast live on the radio. Attempting to set a record of 60 guests in 60 minutes. The URDB was present to varify the world record results.  
Photos by
John Dalton
Don't touch that dial Idiot Dreamer you can have my lunch money.
I have bigger fish to fry. "Another glass of milk, Honey?" Spill another drink on the edge of my drain-train-brain. All aboard, heading downtown. The last of the midnight terabytes with a segue before
the deluge.

Dan Rollman & Corey Henderson of the URDB


That's a lot of performers