Good Art Starting Next Time

by Brendan deVallance

Romantic Detachment
22-25 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City, New York
October 23, 2004



Second thoughts are second to none and dreams are free until you wake up and then you pay. This is my dream: the world as I would like it. My motivation is replete with reforms as I try to like it. Control the very person that I do have control over. Later I’ll write a critique of this performance and I will rip it to pieces: It was dumb, it was amateurish, it was rushed with no sense of pacing. I will send it to ArtNews, Art Forum, High Performance. I will not let up because I know the truth must be told. Not the Evening News Truth but the ‘me from the inside’ truth. I say this also from knowing that I am an optimist. That it will all work itself out. That I will get better (not really) that days will not become longer and the ice caps will not melt. In my world there is no need for dry cleaning: wrinkles are to be revered.

Fabric must be free to express itself if it wrinkles than let it be. The iron is a crime against the suit. And so I stand before you to represent freedom. The real freedom.

You are some of my favorite people because you are here. So be nice to each other, and to me, don’t kill any one. I’m not talking about death by natural causes or car crashes, those are OK. But don’t commit homicide on each other, please I beg of you. Only kill for food. Which is not to say it is ok to kill each other if you eat the body. Death isn’t scary to the dead, but I’m not really sure if that is true. Right now I would like you to pause and think about all of the good art that I am planning on making starting next time

Spider puppet


If it’s raining, I’m crying. No sense wasting time drawing lines between spaces or leaving marks on floors and walls. If its raining and I’m driving then the road will shirley be wet. And braking time slowed to dribble on the wall, wipers going by and going by again. Dreams drawn out leave there taste in your mind all day but dreams are quickly forgotten and then dredged up later for a hand out song. Wheels are sold and fortunes made spent spinning. I’ll not live my life as a game show player or sign up for a subscription to your soothsayer. My fortune never comes or if it does it comes so slowly as to not exist at all.

One day and then the next day, followed by the day after that. I was in tune with rock n roll but the world was not in tune with me and I decided:
I am the wrong kind of person.
To be sad and to be happy and to hold the future in your hands and THEN WHAT. I have decided to decide something, but that play does not reveal itself in the subway. Underneath the city as I ride by in my anonymous suit. I get the feel that we are one, every train car for themselves. Like food being the fuel but also becoming the creature itself. “oh, here we are, this is my stop, I’ll be getting off here.”

I am the wrong kind of person.
And here are your lines:

Made up. made to look real. I invented reality and now I want my share. Sorry for the snowstorm . . . can not get away.

I am the look out for America. And America is on my side. Look out my window? Am I still there? Do not lose heart. The planet will survive, with us of without us. Like coal turns to diamonds. Does the coal say, hey what about me? We will be diamonds, But I hate diamonds and the diamonds. Diamonds dangle from fingers as a sign of over the top, the bigger the better. And the misery that gettin' them inflicts son the world is a crime I want to keep away from. I want to live for eve®, and I want to be hard as rocks and nails. But for ever is over rated and my slice of life and hold my breathe until I turn blue gets me no attention. Still, I try. America tells good jokes and I often get them.


Things are like that because that’s the way they are. Things tend to reside in the state that they are in because it is natural. Things are found as they should be found, not as you want them to be. If something wants to be another way from that which it normally is then there is movement towards something else and that will not be right. We expect things to be like the things that they are. We have a right to find the things that seem as things as they should be and those things will be fine.

The thing about things is that they are there for a purpose. and we must revere them. Good times do not matter to things. We must dream up a place for the things that don’t fit in. We must honor the true nature of things and reject a love of untrue things for this is to degrade the truth that resides in things.

Guitar Neck-tie with House Hat