This Never Not That Never

by Brendan deVallance

Hands on Nixie
an evening of Art, Music, & Performance
21 Avenue C
New York, New York
July 8, 2000


This never not that never
Rod and Cone
The End


This Never not That never

In the future, the future that is now we plead for the science fiction.
The science fiction that was to be here now but isnt.
Just like it isnt here now it wont be there then
We will dream of the gadgets and the chips.
The chips and screens that will replace speed and thought
The Ice cream that wont melt
The telephone that wont ring
I hear the marker that places itself on a shelf
and comes clean never
Fortune breakers and will crackers are to own the future that plays itself an unsung song
Creak and crack goes the backs of those that hold the weight.
Hand and hat to those that use skills to scream against the falling pain. Call in the heart that beats in chests, call in the worry and the woes of a future generation and ply it now in the present trade. We need to follow the plain example and lose ourselves in a lasting grim makeover past time.

This never not that never is a failed attempt to sell you what you already to have. Ice to the Eskomos, coffins to the dead and buried. That is the day that fortune smiled, smiled a toothless grin. Drew pictures on a paperless pad. Sold the rest for scrap. Place yourself in a situation of circulation and make friends with the end of the day. Heart that beats in chests and made up discontent all ear marked for sympathy. I'll give you my stand back and breathe. I'll give you my stand back and breathe. I'll give you a loused up rain on my parade that wont drop back and needle me latter.

This never not that never and not a moment to soon.