Locker Gallery, SAIC 1982, 0-216


When I first attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago I had grand ideas for art making and art presentation. One idea that hit me was to start a gallery in my locker. At first I solicited entries on an open call basis, but this wasn't attracting much art in my direction. I decided to invite artists I knew and offer them a show. This ended up being a great weekly event. We also provided refreshments at the opening based on the artists input. It ended up being a successful run of events. And a nice way to end the week. The next semester I only went part time to SAIC, and I recall one show that required a visit to the Deans office, which sort of put a dark cloud over the experience for me. Something to do with discouraging open flame. I had a short run as a college student, and that was it for me. Below is the xeroxed catologue we made of the first set of shows (Thanks to Ben for the free copying at his Fathers office). Currently I work on Park Avenue in NYC and I have a gallery in my cubicle at work: LMNOP.

—Brendan deVallance

Anthony Bevilacqua
Mark Canfield
Jim Blevig (Jimbo Blachly)
Nancy Martell
Eric Leonardson
Pam Golden
Mary Iannuci
Alex MacDonald
Brain Guy (Brian Gay)
Dean Gualandri
Jon Mills
Werner Herterich
Ben Llaneta
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