Carpet Stain was a very loose knit group of artists that I was working with during art school days in Chicago (School of the Art Institute of Chicago). We would put on shows at a place called the Noise Factory on Lake Street. We would hang artwork, show sculptures, do performances and have bands play. It was all very DIY as the Noise Factory was a dingy loft space in the middle of nowhere. The space was mainly set up as a practice space for bands and the guy who ran it, Mindaugas, would lets come in and do whatever we liked. We would charge some nominal fee to get in and typically it was all just a one night event. Out of those events this magazine sprang. We wanted to document some of our work and so we set out to put out this performance art review zine called Knowhere. This was all well before the computer revolution and most of this was done on the sly at places we worked. And then Offset printed. We only put out 2 issues before we collapsed,
here are issues 1 & 2. —Brendan deVallance


Knowhere, A Chicago Performance Art Magazine
May - June 1983

Staff: Brendan deVallance, Nancy Martell, Ben Llaneta, Anthony Bevilacqua, Mia Ries, Kris Goralka, Tom Tomek, Andy Somma. Writers: Dave Kelly, Matthew Buckingham, Paul Santori, Werner Herterich. Special Thanks to Hudson and Laurie Goralka

Harry Kipper/Brian Routh interview. Reviewed: Matthew Buckingham, Werner Herterich, Judith Kitzes, Kirk Lockhart, Eric Leonardson, David West, Kaya Overstreet Carpet Stain event: Brendan deVallance, Alex MacDonald, Peter McGree, Lucas Dohner, Dave Kelly, Andy Somma, Kevin Henry, Mia Ries, Kate Glazer, Kim Bissey, The Undealt, Paul Santori, Eric Cassel. And also Jennifer Sobin, Chris Sullivan, The Art Police, Nigel Rolfe, Kate Ryan, Paul Skiff, Yvonne Green, Mark Canfield, Scott Marshall, Kevin Coffee

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Knowhere, A Chicago Performance Art Magazine
June -July 1983

Editorial staff: Nancy Martell, Ben Llaneta, Dave Kelly
Art Staff: Brendan deVallance, Mike Ensminger, Kate Glasier, Tom Tomek

Contributing Editors: Chris Gorlaka, Richard Pollock, Werner Herterich, Paul Santori, Matthew Buckingham, Carol Klammer

Interview: Jose Marie Bustos 'Bosco'

Review: Sharon Warner, Tim Coates, Lisa Marsh, Deborah Leigh Wells, Science Fiction Students, Ken Shorr, The Undealt, Charly Krohe, Jacqueline Rapp, Beverley Feldman, Brendan deVallance, R. A. Daulton, Gregory Green, Billy Miler, David West, Andy Somma, Laren Wilkes, Matthew Buckingham, Eric Leonardson.


Download PDF of No. 2 (4 mb)