Club Lower Links


Hard to know what to say about this place. They opened up with no intention of being a performance club but that is what it became. A spectacular place really. It helped foster such a great performance scene. I have a lot of these schedule posters that I will post as I get them scanned. This flyer from 1989.

—Brendan deVallance


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Nights of Smoke and Noise [Weimar Cabaret Revisited]
Club Lower Links, July 1991
Cheryl Bailey, Lynn Book, Yvette Brackman, Brendan deVallance, Joan Dickinson, Gurlene & Gurlette Hussy, Michael Regier & Sandy Berglum of Cloud 42, Jenny Magnus, Joseph Medosch, Iris Moore, Matthew Owens, Beau O’Reilly, Kaja Overstreet, Danielle Probst, Red Moon Theater, Jon Schnepp, Suzie Silver, Andy Soma, Lawrence Steger, Otto as Karl Valentin, The Blue Angels under the direction of Michael Zerang