We did not do as we were told, or did we just make it up as we went along? The history will differ depending on who you ask, but here is my take:

Who was in it: Brendan deVallance, Nancy Martell, Bob Whittinghill, Sally Fredkin, Ron Zsizook, Louann Ponder, Jaime Devan, Jim Thoreck, Dan Trattler, Su Montoya, Jeff Twiss, Lester Brodzik. Honerable mention: Joy Poe

In 1984, after returning from several months traveling around the country I had this idea to start an artist collective of some kind. During my days in school at the Art Institute of Chicago there had been a lose knit group of artists who banded together under the name Carpetstain to put on shows. Carpetstain enlisted all walks of artist, bands, performers, painters. I loved the energy of that group and those shows and I wanted to get something like that going again. Something to help circumvent the galleries and esablished routes to presenting art. I also like collaborating. A meeting was called over at our place and I invited all of the performance artists that I knew.

The meeting was very open and we discussed the political and logistic ramifications of what the group would or could be like. The why, the what, the where. I remember inviting Robert Daulton, Werner Herterich and Mark Canfield. Mark invited a group of people who were running a store called Family Plan. Most of the artists I invited were not interested in the project.


      We created some truely original artwork and became a very close group of friends. We went about making our mark on the performance and niteclub audiences in Chicago.