Below is an account of the events that took place after John died. It was printed in P-Form Magazine as an obituary.

John Liebrand and his art:

He apparently died on Thursday night, March 2, 1995 of asphyxiation. Plastic bag over the head. He was at his home on Staten Island. The rear apartment to a house on a nice looking street. Big houses with yards and trees. His apartment included a finished off back porch and two other rooms. They were filled with bikes and suitcases and boxes and shelves. When I saw it it looked like someone was moving. Everything all boxed up and piles and aisles. I didn’t stay long. I went on March 16 to rescue his art. I came away with a lot of paintings, a whole suitcase full of video tapes and some very assorted odds and ends. I also rescued his collection of about 20 or so 8-Track tapes. Thank gawd I saved the 8-Track tapes from almost sure destruction. I had talked with John's father, Dr. Clare Liebrand, a few nights after John took his life. I agreed to identify the body so that he wouldn't have to make two trips out to New York. He asked if there was anything of Johns that I might want and said that I was interested in the video tapes of his performance art. I got off the phone feeling like I would never see any of it. But the task of dispensing with Johns possessions seemed to be too great to deal with for Dr. Liebrand and so I took all I could carry. I fear that the rest of it went to the dogs. Dr. Liebrand couldn’t see the value in any of the work. Some of it bordered on the grotesque. And although I can’t say that I was all that interested in, or even aware of John as a painter, he did some really nice paintings. Got the art in my studio, still dealing with the horrid facts that he came and went so quickly. The other day I was their and doing my art making thing. Every once in a while I'll unfurl one of the rolled up paintings and take a gander at what's inside. He had this great love of music which I shared. I took out this copy of Meatloafs “Bat out of Hell” album on vinyl and blasted it on my Fisher-Price record player. I don’t really know what he thought of Meatloaf but it made me think of him.

April, 1995
Brendan deVallance