Art is good, we know this to be true, however most of it stinks. I have done a little research and found some that doesn’t.
Below are links to sites that present the real stuff, the good stuff. Well, I like it.

Sites to see, links will pop up a new browser window >

  Clayton Brothers   Paintings, illutrations and Screen prints. There is a lot to like here.
  Tony Fitzpatrick   Steve Earle album covers, character on Homicide TV show, this guy does it all and does it well.
  Obey Giant   Obey Giant is the work of Shepard Fairey. Known mostly for his Andre the Giant Posse stickers and public art tagging this site showcases all of his work. I am most impressed with his poster which are available for a very affordable price. Obey Giant is currently based in Los Angeles.
  Tom Huck  

Tom Huck is making some of the most amazing woodcuts of all time. It defys my brains ability to grasp the complicated detail the he is able to achieve. His site is called Evil Press



Taylor McKimens

  Here's some good art. Little drawings of happy times. Brooklyn artist.
  Todd Schorr   Todd Schorr is a painter from Los Angeles who paints the world of Pop culture in a very warped light.
  Shag   Shag is one of the swinginest artists around, and the modern art here is truely modern. Multi-color screenprints imacultatly executed.
  Sean Starwars   Sean Starwars is making some teriffic wood cuts. His work comes out of found family photographs and advertising which he warps into beautiful color woodcuts. Sean is based in New Orleans.

La luz de Jesus

Los Angeles  

Merry Karnowsky Gallery

Los Angeles  

Earl Mcgrath Gallery

New York and Los Angeles  

New Image Art

Los Angeles  
  Juxtapoz The Magazine